Monday, July 3, 2017

8th edition rants: Part 4 - Ekfud get's the toys back

As many have probably caught on already... Blood Angels have a bit of assault squad mojo back (and then some) with the first update/errata to the Index volumes coming out this week.

Yes - it seems that our beloved meltacide loadout for assault squads has been errated back into being, and I don't need to bin the two I was about to add to my mostly-painted squad. 

The operative comment (specific to the blood angel pages):

Page 89 - Wargear
Add the following before the final paragraph:
'Models in assault squads that have the option for a flamer may take a meltagun or a plasma gun instead (replacing their bolt pistol and chainsword).' 

The plasma gun option is interesting - that might be a whole extra option for a second 10 man assault squad if I ever get around to a full company. 

In the meantime - the wip squad will get some time under the brush.

Link to the Index: Imperium 1 update here:

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