Wednesday, 9 November 2016

Tactical Squad 1 wrap up

Much to my shame... wrapping up squad with pics that are still on a mobile phone and also with dodgy backing light rather than some lamps. May have to retake these once my DSLR is back up and running. 

2nd squad, 5th Company; designated Nithael. I'm fairly happy with the way the sergeant banner has turned out, along with some of the gold detailing with a reikland wash.  

Tac Squad WIP #2

Some of the troops starting to come together - still rather crappy quality pics via mobile-phone-on-the-move style shooting... 

Gold and bunch of the details blocked in as well as armour highlights - the raised bolter & bling backpack will end up as the 'corporal' for the 10 man squad, or defacto sergeant if I break them up into 5-man combat squads. 

Wednesday, 2 November 2016

Tac Squad WIP #1

Work in progress shots from tactical squad #1 – although I missed photos of a couple of the interim steps before getting to the (mostly) finished armour. Actually, either way - I need to get my DSLR organised rather than just the sneaky camera-phone pics.