Wednesday, 9 November 2016

Tactical Squad 1 wrap up

Much to my shame... wrapping up squad with pics that are still on a mobile phone and also with dodgy backing light rather than some lamps. May have to retake these once my DSLR is back up and running. 

2nd squad, 5th Company; designated Nithael. I'm fairly happy with the way the sergeant banner has turned out, along with some of the gold detailing with a reikland wash.  

The arms on this one are magnetised so can be swapped off with other options/squads later on if needed. The melta bomb also has a magnetic base so can be removed when not equipped (or being stuck to the side of a tank). 

Second squad heavy - I know bolters aren't exactly top of everyone's list, but it's a pretty iconic marine weapon. Plus I had the pile of shells from the dev sprue and some clipped up wire to make extra casings. 

Second squad corporal or defacto combat squad sergeant. Little bit of extra bling for rank. 

While serving no extra purpose in the game, I liked the idea of having a designated marksman per squad - scope and maybe add some kind of honour marking later on. Picture Starship Troopers and being able to call up that marine with an edge. 

There is still a layer of matte varnish to add, which might come after finishing the other tac squad on the bench - in the meantime, the decal markings look a little glossy. 

Party shot. Thankfully the unique/random bits on the bases come together ok when you see the group together. 

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