Friday, 9 December 2016

Sanguinary Guard statues - painting

Praise the mobile phone for WIP photos... as basic as they are. The guard have been given a moderately heavy drybrush of brass, but trying to leave lots of black shadow throughout. 

Trying out the verdigris technical paint from GW (Nihilakh oxide). This is very liquid and seems to get a decent effect running into the crevices. Strictly speaking it's not how oxides form, but not bad for a quick look on a miniature. 

Sanguinary Guard statues - WIP

These are probably a *little* more original than the road barrier design for scenery - the CNC road boards I'm building have a couple of corner paved areas that have a little circular space and thought they would make a good spot to stick a statue as part of a promenade or similar line.

Scenery: Road Barriers - based on Bugbait_NZ

I started building these quite some time ago, but they have basically been nearing completion on painting so wanted to post the construction first. 

Worth mentioning straight away that these have been blatantly stolen from Bugbait_NZ's awesome scenery blog - link to his Infinity discussion here:

These are definitely a level below that standard, but ok for my level of skills :-)