Monday, January 30, 2017

Rhino squad WIP - #2: interior painting

It turns out there are an awful lot of parts to a rhino if you intend on painting them thoroughly and including an interior. It took the best part of an afternoon to paint the interiors of the group - although to be fair, that was for 3 tanks, including some extra wash drying time for the large amount of agrax that went on the floors. It was the first time I have painted a rhino of any form, and in hindsight I can see a couple of shortcuts and things I wasted time on that just plain won't be visible.

The end result for the control stations is probably a good image to lead the post with...

Thursday, January 19, 2017

Rhino squad WIP - #1: shopping list & magnet ideas

I've never really been a tank person in gaming - even on the PC, out of ~500 hours logged in Battlefield 2, less than 5 of those would have been in tanks. My Eldar army begrudgingly had a single falcon in the late 90s; partly as they were a rather annoying thing to paint (at least without an airbrush back then - some cool/quick effects are possible now) and partly as I always preferred extra ground pounders or at least a wraithguard/dreadnought addition before vehicles. 

Net result, since 1993 I haven't bought or assembled anything using the iconic rhino hull - no predator, no razorback, not even a rhino itself. My brother had a rogue-trader era marine predator (the one with the square, metal-part gunner turret and the old school round hatches on the sides), which was almost unrecognisable as a marine vehicle after it had been modified with bits to fit a chaos army. 

So think of me as a 40k tank virgin with this post. 

Friday, January 13, 2017

Tablewar full size case - range now available in Australia

I bought this case a while ago but worth a post now - the excellent folk at Tablewar have opened up an AU-based operation this week ( with their range of cases, accessories and mats now being sent locally from a distribution hub in Australia.

Previously, given the size/weight of the cases, the only option was to go with a freight forwarding company to ship from the US to Oz, with something in the ballpark of $200 for postage alone (with a bit extra for the forwarding service).

Saturday, January 7, 2017

Librarian WIP

I've got a bunch of productive pics of assembly, priming and airbrushing a heap of new blood angels but after putting primers and red base on ten devs, ten assault and 3 tanks (and finishing two tac squads) I found myself keen to work in another colour for a short break. The librarian is the first character model I've painted in 15 years so wasn't expecting perfection - it's also a good test of several techniques that weren't really possible back then.