Friday, 9 December 2016

Sanguinary Guard statues - painting

Praise the mobile phone for WIP photos... as basic as they are. The guard have been given a moderately heavy drybrush of brass, but trying to leave lots of black shadow throughout. 

Trying out the verdigris technical paint from GW (Nihilakh oxide). This is very liquid and seems to get a decent effect running into the crevices. Strictly speaking it's not how oxides form, but not bad for a quick look on a miniature. 

Side by side - the brass (which actually looks decent by itself) vs with the oxide added.

Missed the WIP shots of the column, but basically this is just a solid drybrush with greys (eschin grey & dawnstone) with a couple of little propaganda posters applied with watered down PVA. 

Pretty happy with how these have turned out - the time/effort probably isn't great in that they provide practically zero cover or in-game benefit... but I can see them giving a very clear Blood Angels feel to a section of board around the red marines. 

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