Thursday, March 7, 2019

Death Company: Home Stretch

I spent some time over Christmas prepping some new tactical squads but decided I really needed to finish off some bits and pieces that have accrued over the last year or so before starting yet more paint jobs. While there are chaos and terrain models still needing work, the main culprits were spares/extras for the Death Co minis which were otherwise finished last April. 

Bits 1: Standard packs for DC. 
I got all the magnetised jump packs done straight away, and since the standard packs are unlikely to get much of a run I sort of ignored them. But they have been in my 'to paint' basket for more than 6 months so... they need work. 

And they took some. 

Surprisingly large amount of fiddly details on these - ribbons, wings, gold, saltires, gemstones, ropes... so even though grey highlights on the black is relatively quick, they took a couple of weeks of doing a colour & wash every couple of days. 

Bits 2: DC Dreadnought claws and underarms. 
These really should have been done at the time... the Dreadnought was 90% done and I just kind of left the blood claws unfinished and the 3 magnetised underarm weapons with a very basic base coat. The magnets in the wrist area allows these to be swapped with standard black grippy claws. 

Bits 3: DC Banner for standard bearer. 
It's purely an aesthetic model, but this one I was putting off for other reasons... I have only tried working with very large decals once before and ripped it badly. In this case I did the red saltire during basecoating with the airbrush and have had in the back of my mind that it's very likely to get stuffed up in the process of applying a decal over the top of it. Turns out that was mostly correct but for other reasons. 

The process itself was ok, but with a black (transparent) decal over the top of a black background, I didn't do the best job of layering grey paint over the top before the second decal layer being sandwiched on top. 

Didn't come out *too* bad - but a couple of rough edges where the sandwich process wasn't done super smoothly. 

Still to come will be the same process for the company standard bearer. Although on yellow and red, that should be a much easier time for matching and aligning the images. 

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