Wednesday, November 21, 2018

Killteam Terrain: WIP and army shots

I have had a Killteam box basically since when it came out... but has taken a bit of time to get the terrain built and painted up. Finally getting around to taking a few shots of the setup this week.

I may have gone a little overboard with the setup... in addition to the starter box material (in tan) I ended up getting some extra small ruins and a sanctum box (grey). Genestealer and mechanicus sprues in shot too. 

Construction is relatively easy, the parts have some excellent detail - only gripe is that some of the small wall sections with recessed middle column tended to be a little warped outwards. 

Instructions are quite clear - I did think about going off script and using the parts in some more custom designs, but given how much thought has been put into these to maintain variety (there is only 1 duplicate terrain piece across the 3 sets I am working with), using their setup was fine. 

The sanctum is quite cool - the statues and buttresses are a nice addition and give a very gothic cathedral style. 

Of course, I had to add some magnets for the statues - partly so they can be painted more simply and then dropped on; partly so they can be removed when storing them in a plastic crate I have. 

Zandri dust spray on everything - between the 3 large pieces and ~8 small ruins, I used a full can. 

I didn't take as many process shots, but it's largely lord Duncan's paint scheme - drybrush, agrax wash all over, leadbelcher & nuln oil on the metal parts and a light drybrush with screaming skull over everything. 

Gradually adding some more weathering - black drybrush for fire damage, typhus corrosion & ryza rust on a lot of the metal parts. This is the first time I have used the rust colours from GW and I may have gotten a bit carried away using them. 

Bunch of shots of the terrain laid out with army on them... 

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