Sunday, September 30, 2018

Death Company: Showcase (mostly)

Pretty happy with where these got to during the B&C event a couple of months ago - and even more so that the Blood Angels took the most points in the painting challenge. 

Strictly speaking, there are still a few bits to finish up on my Death Company minis... the magnetised non-jump packs, as well as a special banner decal to add to the standard bearer. 

Lemartes is the first 'named' character I've painted for the BA army - the captain & librarian are somewhat more anonymous. He is also a good reminder of why I hate finecast. It isn't... and a few quirks (such as slight bend in the crozius) I just couldn't get out. Since he has so much detail, there were also a couple of bits of flash that I completely missed until paint went on... but definitely serviceable as a mode.

Chaplain with jump pack - was surprisingly quick to get the black armour up to speed, but took a lot more time on the gold details & other bits and pieces. Quite happy with how the scrolls eventually came out. Still needs a final airbrush with matt varnish to seal the decal shoulder in properly and take the gloss off. 

The 'squad leaders' - which are basically just bare heads & robes. I kind of like the idea that even sergeants/officers can fall to the rage and become part of the mass suicidal charge as well. One retains a power sword, but otherwise they are functioning as DC troops. 

Three 'specialists' - thunder hammer and power fist/bolter combos. In practice, the bolt pistols will likely serve as bolters in game (since the models were originally being put together prior to the 8th ed rule changes), but the old school rules favoured bolters when using power fists. 

After finishing up 3 squads of 5x DC troops, I had some leftover parts from a few different kits that I figured I may as well use... as a bit of flair for the squad, I built a 16th trooper with a banner and parts from a company champion. Came out quite well - eventually he will have a custom decal on the banner as well. Functionally, he is a DC troop with a BP & CS, but adds a nice focal point. 

Little bit of detail on the DC jump packs. I do like them, but... damn - they add some extra painting time with all the red saltires and bling on them. I thought I was pretty close to done with the minis, but the 18x jump packs (including the chaplains) took about 1/3 of the total painting time. 

Final shot of the troopers without the chaplains - really like the look of these guys and have been wanting to paint the BA signature unit since about 1993. Glad to get them done - but will be a while before I have the patience again to paint all their extra bling :-)

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