Thursday, March 22, 2018

Terrain build: Bremer walls - 1m of terrain constructed & painted

For some reason, I had the idea of these stuck in my head for about a week after seeing a pic of a modern army base - this was a bit of an experiment to see if I could do a quick build of 20 panels...

I played with a few sketched ideas first - the panels are 5cm x 10cm mainly so 2 of them side by side will fit my mdf road tiles. In hindsight, 4x8cm would be closer to scale required for 28mm... 

Similarly, I made the 'feet' of insulation foam a little more protruding than a properly scaled version, but figured that would help toppling - particularly as I might add some heavier barbed wire to the top. You could shorten these, but would be good to add some weight to the base in that case. 

The panels start with double thickness foamcore in 1, 2 or 3 panel configurations. Scored for the multi versions. 

I punched some holes in the panels to take wire hoops - on the real thing they have these so a chain can be run across the back of them to add stability between panels. 

Loops added with a little glue (these are just the tops off paperclips taken off)

The little production line - I was starting by folding wire, but since a full packet of paperclips is about $1, just clipped the smoother existing loops off a bunch of these. 

The 'feet' were cut out of insulation foam with a wire cutter, using a couple of little cardboard templates to keep the angles the same. It would probably be fine (and likely quicker) just to cut these with a razor, but wanted to test out the cutter for other purposes anyway.

Feet glued on and extra clips in the top (used for lifting into place with a crane). 

All 20 panels done, and a layer of filler stippled on. I cut up a couple and added some limited damage to ~6-7 of the pieces. Could have done the lot but figured a bunch will get posters or other detailing during painting instead. With more time/effort, you could add all sorts of interesting detailed damage. 

The mix of panels should allow for some interesting configurations - straight walls or different fortifications. 

Basecoated with acrylic housepaint in a dark grey. 

Heavy drybrush with light grey craft acrylic. The two panels on the left have had a little more detailing added (edges done with ulthuan grey, plus some quick washing). 

Full lot done with mix of browns on the steel loops and athonian camoshade / agrax earthshade washing. 

Still to go - 
- Add some propaganda posters in a few select places (and probably some graffiti)
- Work out if I can retrofit some barbed wire to the top
- Few more minor details if needed... maybe stencil some blood angels icons or blood stains.

Pretty happy with how they have come up - that is 100cm of wall done in fairly short order. 

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