Wednesday, March 7, 2018

B&C Speed Builds - Elites: Command playas

Week 3 of the B&C Blood & Zeal Challenge and focus is on getting elites built. I've only got a couple of models for this - the rest of what would have been a command squad in last edition. 

Again... this has been a good push to get them done - I've agonised over which exact parts to use for the champion and ancient for quite some time, so having time pressure has made me just do it. 

These guys have come from a BIG mix of parts - 
- BA tac legs
- Company champion body/shoulders
- SG sword arm
- BA upgrade head
- BA terminator shield
- Delassio JP (deathwatch)

- BA tac legs
- BA upgrade body
- DC head & chainsword
- Command sprue banner
- Vanguard JP
- SG banner top

- DC legs
- Command sprue body/arm/pack
- BA upgrade sprue chalice

They also pose an interesting challenge for points use - the BA codex doesn't actually have a set of jump pack options... you can only use jump packs on your command squad for Blood Angels, but using the index. I'm hoping this will get an official update in an FAQ, but for the moment including the JP loadout means hybrid list building. 

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