Sunday, March 5, 2017

Showcase: Librarian Ambriel

By no means perfect, my first try out of the Macromats backgrounds/stand for taking some richer DSLR photos was to grab the completed librarian and hit some poses... 

I've had a little list of squad & character names I started collecting when first mapping out the Blood Angels group. These are largely drawn from historic or angelic names and trying to fit these to the most suitable option within the army. My obvious oversight on this was that for many of the characters, they don't even have a place to display their name - so the effort in giving them a characterisation is pretty much just in my head rather than on the board. I refuse to add a wonky title to the edge of their base. Best case, if I ever build a display board with plaques or something, it will appear there. 

Nonetheless, I had in mind for my librarian the name Ambriel: an angel who is associated with the sun sign of Gemini and the month of May. Catholicism regards an angel as a pure spirit created by God and this angel inspires clear communication and is also considered to be an angel of general protection. 

That seemed pretty fitting - the dual role in red & blue armour, communication & protection.

Set of images looking at the ground-pounding kit...

The (more likely...) alternative loadout is with jump pack. The pack is from the DC kit and it (along with the torso & librarian pack) have a 3mm magnet installed to allow for switching out. I'm not sure if it was intentional when being designed, but the psychic hood fits very neatly between the two intakes on the pack - if intentional that all these parts can be switched around, extra kudos for the GW designers. 

Side and rear shots... in hindsight, I would have been just a little more careful joining the two halves of the jump pack together - there is a little bit of gap on the side of the jets that I probably should have cleaned up with putty before priming. The black drybrush soot (and the purity seal on the left) helps just a little to hide it... 

Pretty happy with how the images have come out vs my typical mobile phone snapping. Seeing them magnified and cropped does flag a few fine tuning elements - the depth of field is a bit too shallow and the dark areas of the matt really show up any specks of dust. It's also painfully clear that when blown up, every brush stroke matters - the studio painters are worthy of extra credit on getting that right so often :-) 

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