Friday, 6 September 2019

Scatter Terrain: Barrels of Fun.

Little quick (sort of?) side project in painting up 3D printed barrels for scatter terrain...

I got a bag of ~110-odd barrels via eBay a little while ago. These are 3D printed in a number of combinations ranging from singles up to 8-10 barrel units, and are intended to be useful as standard waist height cover for Killteam, 40K, etc. The printing quality isn't as good as buying GW plastics, but the whole lot was maybe $30 and there was basically no clean up or gluing. Plus I quite liked the various combos/stacks that had been put together. 

These all got a solid coverage of black primer while doing some other prep work, then sat around in a box for a month or two...

Over a few evenings... these have then had some base colours added. I used a highly complex system (D3...) to randomly determine whether each barrel would be green, red or blue. I'd mucked around with other options - like black or yellow or white barrels - but the yellow test one didn't look quite right and the black was more trouble to get any light/dark. 

Lighter colour used to give them a heavy drybrush, then nuln oil wash (for the green & blue) and sepia for the red barrels. The white is actually vallejo grey primer - close enough to white, and much better coverage than having to use several layers. 

These will have a bit more random rusting & black wash weathering added as final stage. 

They aren't super sophisticated or brilliantly done, but always handy to have some more generic small items to fill streets. These were pretty quick, and there are enough of them that they can also be stacked together into a big zone to make up a fuel dump or similar. 

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